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  The assessment of the differences and similarities in the role performance of public intellectuals in different European countries is another realm of research, in which the problem of transmitting sociological knowledge to the society in order to influence is addressed: The circumstances under which this process takes place vary from country to country. If this transmission would not be possible within a country or even a discipline, it is not possible on a European level either. Our aim is to identify and overcome the obstacles in this crucial relationship. Case studies within the project on Max Weber, Alva and Gunnar Myrdal and French Intellectuals helped clarifying this topic.

An International Symposium, hosted by our Irish partner Andreas Hess at the Geary Institute University College Dublin, from 7-9 October 2005 enhanced the discussion among established scholars from Europe and the United States in this field.

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  Jeffrey C. Alexander
Intellectuals in the Public Sphere

Public intellectual is a role that has become fundamental to the civil repair of modern societies. It is rooted in the first public sphere that emerged in Athens, and in the iconic figure of Socrates. Public intellectuals criticize society on behalf of the putative, and necessarily unrealized, solidarity that underlies the civil-public sphere, and they do so by pronouncements that refer to the power of truth. Being a public intellectual must be understood performatively.

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  Works of Stefan Auer, Mary Evans,
Tom Garvin, Stina Lyon ...

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  Works of Vilhelm Bohutzkyy,
Hedvig Ekerwald, Stefan
Klingelhoefer, Stefan Mueller-Dohm
& Jascha Rohr, William Outhwaite,
Joanna Prus & Aleksandra
Walentynowicz, Anson Rabinbach,
Per Wisselgren ...
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  Works of Laurent Jeanpierre &
Sebastian Mosbah Natanson,
Werner Reichmann &
Markus Schweiger,
Joseba Zulaika ..

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