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Dieter Reicher

... studied sociology, economics, anthropology and history in Graz and Edinburgh.

After being visiting researcher at the LSE (London) 1998 he received his PhD 2001 from Graz University (dissertation: State Building Processes and the Death Penalty).

Since 2000 he is Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology in Graz, from 2002-2003 he was assistant professor as well at the department of sociology of economics, Vienna. Before that he was engaged in commercial Studies in the fields of sociology of housing, urban sociology, sociology of medicine and sociology of art and co-founded SCAN (Commercial Company for opinion research).

Since 2002 he is secretary of the Society of Sociology in Graz (Grazer Gesellschaft für Soziologie) and since 2004 he is Co-Editor of the Austrian Journal of Sociology (Österreichischen Zeitschrift für Soziologie).

He was awarded the "Alpen-Adria-Wissenschaftspreis" and for innovative teaching.

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