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Laurent Jeanpierre

... Laurent Jeanpierre received his Ph.D. in sociology from the École des hautes en sciences sociales (Paris). He has been teaching at Université Paris XII - Val de Marne for four years and is currently a researcher at one of the University´s lab, the CEDITEC (Centre d´étude des discours, images, textes, écrits, communications). While preparing his dissertation, he received fellowships from the University of Chicago (1995-1996), the Lavoisier program of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1997-1998) and the Fulbright Committee (1998-1999).

He published articles about the history and the sociology of social sciences and of intellectuals. His publications include a book about the French and European elites who emigrated to the United States during World War II "Situations d´exil. Élites européennes réfugiées aux Etats-Unis pendant la Deuxième guerre mondiale" (Paris, La Découverte, to be published in Fall 2006) and he co-authored a book on the history of French cultural diplomacy, "Entre rayonnement et réciprocité. Contributions à une histoire de la diplomatie culturelle" (2002), a dictionary of French culture in the Twentieth century, "Dictionnaire culturel de la France du XXè siècle" (Belin, to be published in fall 2005).

In another series of articles, he translated and analyzed some authors belonging to Marxist and post-marxist critical theory. His fields of research are related to the sociology of intellectuals, sociology of culture and sociology of exile situations and internationalization.

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