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Sven Eliaeson

... got his PhD at Uppsala University in 1982, on a dissertation dealing with the reception of Max Weber. He became senior lecturer at Karlstad’s University in 1990, docent in Political science at Stockholm University (1996) and is currently professor in sociology at the CSS in Warsaw (from 2001). The classics – in particular Max Weber and his context – and the proper pursuit of intellectual history are his main areas of research. He is also interested in intellectual migration and is elaborating on ”the long line of secularization” in social thought, which includes such scholars as Machiavelli, Hobbes, Bentham, Max Weber, and also Axel Hägerström and Gunnar Myrdal, two Swedish scholars extending Max Weber’s value philosophy. Eliaeson has been frequent visiting scholar to Germany (Ludwig Maximilians-Universitãt and the Max Weber archives at the Bavarian Academy of Science in Munich and the University of Konstanz) and American universities (University of South Florida, University of Florida and University of Chicago).

Selected Publications

"Max Weber's methodologies: Interpretation and critique" (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press in association with Blackwell Publishers; Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 2002)

”Alva and Gunnar Myrdal: A Symposium on Their Lives and Works”, in International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, Vol. 14, No 3, 2001. (Editor together with Stanford Lyman)

”Gunnar Myrdal: A Theorist of Modernity", in Lindbekk, Tore & Sohlberg, Peter (eds): Nordic Sociologists, thematic issue (on Nordic Sociology) of ACTA SOCIOLOGICA, Vol. 43, No 4, 2000, pp 331-42.

"Max Weber: Made in the USA?", in Sociologisk Forskning, no 3-4, 2000, pp 26-45. (Transl of name of periodica: Sociological research).

”Max Weber's Methodology: An Ideal-Type", in The Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. 36/3 (2000), pp 241-263.

"Axel Hägerström and Modern Social Thought", in Nordeuropaforum, No 1. Berlin: 2000, pp 19-30. (Axel Haegerstroem and modern social thought).


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