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Vilhelm Bohutskyy

Permanent address: Miedzynarodowa Street 68 B, m.38, Warsaw, Poland
Contact phone: +48-22-6726730; mobile +48-601410568;

Educational background:
October 2001 – present: PhD student of the CEU Sociology Department in Warsaw, Poland (Polish Academy of Sciences).
September 2000 – September 2001: Central European University/Lancaster University, Department of Sociology. MA Diploma in Sociology (Culture and Society track)
September 1995 - June 2000: Chernivtsi State University (Chernivtsi, Ukarine). Department of English Philology. Magister Diploma in English Philology and Linguistics.

1. Larysa Komarnytska, Wilhelm Bohutskyi. Learning with a Journal: Personal Writing. // International conference “Foreign Languages Today and Tomorrow”. – Ternopil, 1999. — p. 80.

2. Wilhelm Bohutskyy. The Peculiarities of Translation of English Lexical Colloquialisms into the Ukrainian and Russian Languages// Chernivtsi State University, May 12-13, 1999. - Volume 1: The Humanities, Part1. - Chernivtsi: Ch.D.U., 1999. – pp. 95-96.

3. Wilhelm Bohutskyy. To the Problem of Classification of English Lexical Colloquialisms// Chernivtsi State University, May 12-13, 2000. - Volume 1: The Humanities, - Chernivtsi: Ch.D.U., 1999. pp. 125-126.

4. Wilhelm Bohutskyi. Slang in Discourse Format // Linguistics and Verbal Communication in the 21st century … tendencies and perspectives. May 16-17, 2000 ?. Kiev – 2000. pp. 42-43.

5. W. Bohutskyi. On Intensifying Feedback. // 5th NATIONAL TESOL UKRAINE CONFERENCE LANGUAGE TEACHING: CLASSROOM, LAB AND BEYOND. January 25-26, 2000, Lviv. pp. 7-8.

6. Bohutskyi W.K. Reading Comprehension through Multimedia // Foreign Philology on the Verge of Milleniums. Kharkiv National State University. April 2000. Kharkiv. pp. 26-28.

7. Bohutskyy, V.K. Poverty, Globalization, Social Change and Economic Development. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSFORMATIONS IN BUSINESS & ECONOMICS, 2003, Vol. 2, No 2 (4). Pp. 320-322

8. Bohutskyy, Vilhelm.”Max Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology. Visnyk Kharkiwskogo Natsionalnogo Uniwersytetu (The Review of the Kharkiw National University. Sociological Studies of Contemporary Society: Methodology, Theory, Methods) 577"2003

Language Proficiency: Ukrainian – native language, fluent; Russian – native fluency; English – native fluency; Polish – native fluency. German – moderate reading and listening skills.

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